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About Surreal


SURREAL (UK) was founded in 2014.



SURREAL Hover Board





People in this day and age want a fast and easy way to travel, even if it’s just a short distance such as; exploring the park, or even going to your local shop nearby.


SURREAL two wheeled smart self-balancing board comes in 3 different models. We provide XN1, XN2 and XN3, these come in various colours, different styles and different functions (such as Bluetooth).


Our Self Balancing Board is made to the highest standard possible and comes with a SURREAL warranty for the item you have bought from us.



SURREAL is not only made for our Hover Boards, we have different items such as; garden tools and gadgets, please search our shop for more information.


We make every effort to offer our customers new and original good quality products, and source them at the lowest possible prices.
This means we pass the savings onto to you.

We aim to continually diversify our range of products and brand to ensure we can provide you with what you are looking for.

SURREAL’s own-brand products are produced to the highest specifications using the most reliable components, and put together by our experts – just for you!